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Volunteers Guide To Alert The General Public Of Unprotected Sealed Well

  Nov 15th, 288 Readers

Wherever you live in Tsiame – lands, farm community, small town, or big city – you could have one or more wells on your property. A well may have been your home’s main water source before city water became available, or it was installed to serve secondary buildings and barns, or used to water lawns or gardens.

Every unused well that is not properly sealed poses a safety, health, and environmental threat to your family and community as well as a potential legal risk to the homeowner.

Children and small animals can easily fall into an unprotected, open well. Also, accidents can occur when equipment is unsuspectingly driven over a crumbling well or well pit.

The reality is . . wells do not last forever.

Thanks to the volunteers in the Tsiame community for taping around to alert the general public, may the good Lord bless you all !!!


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