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Tsiame Water Company Accounts From January-June 2019

  Oct 10th, 156 Readers

The previous directors of Tsiame Water Board failed to handover office to the current board head by Mr Korbla Atatsi. But up to date nothing has being done about it. According to Mr Tay, the previous board has other keys which they have to return those keys. He further said, during our stay in office, we found out that, there was no record at the office to show work done by the previous board.

According to the current board, they tour to some areas of Tsiame and it sub-towns where their stand pipes and private pipes are, to check the good condition of them, during their tour, at Dorveme the sub-cork was not working which and has cause the water to flow on the ground to one piggery farmer at the site.

Also they came across 17 stand pipes, and 44 private pipes at homes, some with meters others there are no meters on them. Tsiame education sector using 5 stand pipes, also health sectors including Asadame, and Tsiame, Tsiame health sector is using the water alright but they have no meter.

Electricity bill is also another problem to the board, and there many suggestions, one suggest that , the operator should ensure he wait till the re-savour is full before switching the pump off.

Another said, the are many pumps in the operation which to him is the cause of electricity bill raising up by the close of the a month.

New Division Of Labour

According Mr Tay, he and the staff are making sure they setup their office to ensure proper documentation at any time, each department is having it own table setup to take proper record down. Again he state it that they have new exercise book to those who have paid well.

The increment of a bucket of water, according the board,and stake holders, and (wasmt) members have agreed on a bucket of water should be sold ghc20.00. Thus what the board suggest and need approval from the public to commence its operation within a few days from now.


Both the water board and the public have agreed on Ghc15.00 /per bucket, which will soon take place.

We need to appreciate work done by this current board at the office of the Tsiame Water Company. Stay tune for more.


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