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Harnessing The Power Of Tsiame Water Sanitation Board Against Corruption

  Jul 22nd, 382 Readers

Designing successful Tsiame Water Sanitation Board social accountability initiatives to counter corruption in the delivery of public services requires taking into account particular features of each local context in business of the community.

VALUE: It is important that social accountability initiatives apply an appropriate level of demand for citizen involvement and coordination. It should match the targeted community’s collective action capabilities.

MOTIVE: Understanding Tsiame-lands, citizens attitudes and expectations when accessing public services helps tailor capacity building activities that empower citizens to counter corruption.

RELIABLE: Engage auditors and stakeholders with high social trust in their communities to articulate and share citizens’ voice. This makes social accountability initiatives more effective.

Social accountability empowers citizens with adequate information and institutional mechanisms to denounce and resist abuses of power, opening up opportunities for grassroots actions against corruption.

Tsiame Future Leaders Radio voice, enforceability and answerability – which together form a cycle of community we stand for !!!!!


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