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  Oct 8th, 167 Readers

Mr Seth Adonu announced to the general public that he is the only “dumega” of Tsiame. Nobody again and no one is working on his behalf, he said he is fully active until now as "dumega of Tsiame".

On Wednesday, October 2, 2019, 18:50GMT, according one Mr Alfred Agbeke said, I quote “The elders or the local council of chiefs were not in support of what Mr Seth Adoku had announced to the public, that he is the “dumega”of Tsiame.

So the local council of chiefs therefore ask him to announce this to the public as their spokesperson that what he Mr Seth Adonu said is not the real truth. Also it will not be long they will reveal to the public who is the real “dumega” of Tsiame to the general public to see.”

Since there is no “dumega”, someone can be acting on behalf as “dumega”, but as at now there is no one called “dumega” of Tsiame. Shortly the local council of chiefs will reveal the “dumega” in person to us all.

Stay tune for more on this story with Tsiame Future Leaders and also on our radio live !!!


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