Hosting Tsiame Communities Forum 2019

We are very glad to invite you all to our prestigious world which is hosting Tsiame Communities Forum 2019. As we are in the knowledge era where, technology has made our life comfortable and has become a part of our life. The conference provides a common platform for the public discussion, guests, speakers and delegates to share their expertise and research outcomes. Being the Chief of TCF 2019, We feel very proud that this Forum conference would enhance and elevate the computing applications era to a higher level. This conference is best brought out by TFL digital library. This speaks the voluminous planning and execution done by the team of Mr. Daniel Didibla, Mr. Dzodzi Fianu, Mr Vicent Hormeku Mr Elias Havim, Mr Fiadzorgbe Eric, Mr Philip Akpalu, Mad Ester Alornyedzi, Mad Josephine Vordzorgbe, Mr Emmanuel Agbavor, Members, and Digital Jungle Africa(DJA) We congratulate the teams.We welcome all the participants to TCF 2019 and wish them a fruitful Community development knowledge sharing.

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