Tsiame Agriculture Development 2019!

22/05/19 01:49 AM Technology

The world is changing, and it is changing fast! It is our responsibility as Tsiame agriculture development producers and agriculture farmers to assist both men & women, traders, consumers.

Mr Danice has arrived in Tsiame as an Agricultural extension officers. He operate as facilitator and communicator of helping farmers in Tsiame, agriculture system need to be able to engage in global markets. By harnessing technology, including the digitalization of agri-services, and professionalizing agri-enterprises at each step of the supply chains, Lorlornyo Group ensures that all benefit from efficient and profitable supply chains.

Young people, with their creativity, drive and innovation, have incredible potential to revolutionize the agric sector of Tsiame and their economies, ensuring safe and reputable livelihoods alongside improved household and community food security. Lorlornyo Group is committed to develop specific programs that address the specific needs of youth in agriculture systems.


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