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It is a matter of great pleasure for me to know that Tsiame Future Leaders is keeping Internationaly on Emerging Trends in Education, Management & Development. The interaction of members, citizens; and stakeholders from national and international organizations will go a long way in knowledge sharing in diverse fields for the promotion of brotherhood and development in the community.

Providing a platform to people and citizens for the promotion of development will immensely benefit young leaders participating in the conference of TFL.

I am convinced that the TFL will definitely provide a platform to the participating delegates to discuss important issues to develop new knowledge in oneness, management and development. Being patron in chief of the TFL I heartedly welcome all the distinguished Citizens.

I congratulate the TFL President, Vice, Technical Team, Members & Administration for keeping this organization and pray for the successful accomplishment of objectives.

Mr Philip Akpalu Patron of (Tsiame Future Leaders

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