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The Tsiame Future Leaders was established to serve as organization to promote unity and foster sustainable future development of Tsiame and its electoral citizens.

OUR MISSION: To provide people a centered education and training in performing suportive art to unemployed youth in order to develop their income generating skills and open up opportunities.

OUR VISION: To provide a mechanism through the strategic leadership development of the unity whereby disadvantaged youth are helped to become part of the reconstruction process in Tsiame.

OUR ARM: Train the youth voluntarily to minimize the high rate in our community avoid teenage pregnancy by exploring their talent through ict technology.

OUR REGISTRATION: The Membership registration fees is GH¢60.00 2018/2019, this amount covers all processes to be a full member of TFL, including Brass band, membership card, and investment fee.And other benefit. Online registration does not close, but payment should be made before the start of both welfare & monthly contribution. Onsite registration in is possible with payment by mobile payment and by bank transfer or cash payment.

The idea of the existence of this noble Tsiame Future Leaders today was introduced by Mr Philip Akpalu.

Tsiame Future Leaders was re-established on the 31, Jan, 2005, at Ashaiman Official Town of the greater Accra, Ghana. Unfortunately, in a stormy raining afternoon, the land-owner in Official Town sacked this organization.

This almost shattered this vision. Many of us were in that camp that said "We really do need a place where we can meet, where Tsiame electoral citizens can get some support and companionship. Somebody needs to do something". To the glory of God, our father Mr Etse Hormeku known as "moko" received this organization to his home immediately, with his plastic chairs to the groups disposal at every meeting.

When we look at this organization which was a dream 14years ago- Well, that was "moko". He saw possibilities where the rest of us saw a need, he saw opportunities where the rest of us saw problems. He didn't say, "Let somebody else do it, he said I'll take that on". He was the quarterback in a drive that took us from a dream to a reality- the reality of this building.

Moko favourite saying was "Ete vovo nutore dea edokui le kame". Tsiame Future Leaders, say thanks for being a man of action and not just words. You got us started, rallying many people to work together to cfomplete this organization. It would never have happened without you.

  • Mr Eric Fiadzorgbe
  • Mr Fred Zida
  • Mr Vicent Hormeku
  • Late Mad Xixeshie Eshia
  • Mr Dzodzi.E. Fianu
  • Mad Florence Adzika
  • Mr Atsu Vorgbe
  • Mr Emmanuel Agbavor

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