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The greatest role of the Chairman of the Board of Directors is to make discussions soft and more productive at the meetings. It is necessary to narrow down the matters to be discussed to ensure that enough time can be devoted to the items on the agenda, and clarify the issues to be discussed on the matters to ensure substantive discussions.

I set the agenda from an outsider's perspective, and this makes it possible to conduct persuasive discussions. On the other hand. I will work together with the Board members to make the Board of Directors what it aims to be. The essential issue for TFL going forward is strengthening profitability.

Our governance reforms can be said to have been successful only when we achieve a substantial increase in profitability. While we are taking steps for clarification of that, and there are concerns that members may be marked down disproportionately for the mistakes they have made.

It will take time to implement these changes, which aim to break away from the seniority and point–deduction system, and allow all members to demonstrate their ability. However, I believe that such efforts will deeply instill governance reform throughout the group, and make TFL a strong organization where its members communicate openly and vigorously to create value

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